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We use 3D scanning and printing technology to formulate a product that is completely unique to you.

Benefits of Custom Products

Reliable Ear Plugs

More Reliable Fit.

Comfortable Ear Plugs

All Day Comfort

Affordable Ear Plugs

Cost Effective

More reliable fit. Researchers have found that when users insert earplugs several times, users achieved more consistent results with custom earplugs than non-custom earplugs. Consistent results mean that if the earplug achieves a level of sound attenuation at one insertion, we can expect that same level of attenuation at the next insertion.

More comfortable fit. Researchers are still studying comfort levels of hearing protection products. One study has found that workers preferred custom devices. Anecdotally, custom-made products are often more comfortable because they are shaped to fit an individual’s unique ear canal size and shape. If you have a small or curvy ear canal, typical non-custom plugs may be hard to insert.

Custom Ear Plugs for Noise

Potential cost savings over time. Buying disposable ear plugs regularly will accumulate in cost. Whereas durable custom-made products can last four years or more. While the upfront cost of custom may be greater the overall investment will save money and time from regular ear plugs use. 

Only one Impression Needed. We 3D scan your ear impressions and save them to a file unique to you. If you ever need products remade or new products made by Evear, we will use your 3D Scan on file. 

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Affordable Ear Plugs
Ear Plug for Sleep
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