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Custom Ear Protection

Hearing Protection for Construction

It's no secret that Noise Protection is necessary for construction or renovation work. But good quality, effective, and comfortable custom ear plugs means all day wear and maximum protection. 

In today's climate the use of additional personal protective equipment or PPE is crucial. Masks help limit the spread of infection but also prevent touching your face with unclean hands. 


Touching your mask and then other surfaces can be counter productive to the masks' effectiveness. Constant use and removal of ear muffs will require the mask to be adjusted as the mask fits around the ear. But with ear plugs meant for all day wear, the mask is only touched when ready to be removed. 

Worker_EarExposed edited.jpg

The EVR-P is made from a medical grade silicone as soft as your skin. When they are fitted for each individual ear, the worker can wear them comfortably all day long. No need to remove them to have a conversation or talk on the phone – the EVR-P’s technology allows the wearer to hear voices, announcements, and alarms without having to remove them.

Disposable earplugs need to be removed as they block out all noises, including voices. Having to remove ear protection to speak to a colleague or have a phone conversation is subjecting workers to the very noise that their ear protection is supposed to protect them from.

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 Filters can act as passive defenses against loud sounds, while allowing you to still hear softer environmental sounds and conversations around you. Workers often stop wearing earplugs when they have problems communicating. A filter can allow speech through while dampening harmful sounds.

A few models of non-custom earplugs have filters. However, custom earplugs offer the ability to make sure that the response of the filter is correct for your own ear anatomy. If someone measures the response and it’s not quite right, the earplug can be sent back to the factory to be re-made. Non-custom models can only make generic adjustments to the sound.

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Interested in ordering for a company or small business? Contact us! we'd be happy to provide the perfect fit for your hearing protection program. 

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