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Custom Ear Protection

The Perfect Fit for a Hearing Protection Program

The Evear-EVR-P is made from medical grade silicone, so that industrial workers can wear them comfortably all day long. No need to remove them to have a conversation or talk on the phone – the Evear-EVR-P’s filter allows the wearer to hear voices, announcements, and alarms without having to remove them.

In today's climate the use of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial. Masks help limit the spread of infection by coughing or sneezing. But they also act as a barrier to limit contact between unclean hands and the nose or mouth. 


Touching your mask and then other surfaces can be counter productive to the masks' effectiveness. Constant use and removal of ear muffs will require the mask to be adjusted as the mask fits around the ear. But with ear plugs meant for all day wear, the mask is only touched when ready to be removed. 

Providing your employees with the most effective PPE will allow them to focus more on their tasks rather than their equipment, increasing overall productivity. 

Affordable Ear Plugs

Long Term Savings

Custom Made Ear Plugs

Optimal Protection

Ear plugs with Filters

Improved communication

The level of protection the Evear EVR-P provides is much greater than ear muffs or disposable ear plugs. Ear muffs are cumbersome and need to be removed often. Our EVR-P earplugs are also a great choice for anyone who has to wear a safety helmet and safety glasses, as they don’t obstruct or shift with the wearing of these other PPEs.

Disposable earplugs need to be removed as they block out all noises, including voices. Having to remove ear protection to speak to a colleague or have a phone conversation is subjecting workers to the very noise that their ear protection is supposed to protect them from.

Ear plugs for Working in Noise
Measuring Noise in Workplace

Ear plugs come with estimates of how much they attenuate noise. However, these estimates are based on laboratory tests that often overestimate how much protection customers achieve in the real-world. This criticism of NRR especially applies in the case of non-custom products such as foam earplugs which quickly lose effectiveness if they are not inserted correctly.


You can perform individual “fit testing” to determine how much earplugs reduce noise for you. However, the results of this fit testing are only accurate if you insert the earplugs in your ears exactly the same way, every time.


With custom earplugs, it is easier to ensure consistent fit and insertion. Therefore, you can more easily trust that “fit testing” results and Noise Reduction Ratings are accurate for you. You will be more confident that you are getting the right amount of hearing protection that you need.

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Noise Protection Guidelines

Noise Protection Program Guidelines

Learn more about Canada's guidelines for implementing a noise conservation program.

Noise Protection Testing

Noise Protection Testing and Ratings

Learn more about how the effectiveness of noise protection is measured .

Noise Safety Information

Worker Noise Safety information

The Workers Health & Safety Center has great resources about noise, hearing and the responsibilities of workers and employers.

Interested in ordering for a company or small business? Contact us! we'd be happy to provide the perfect fit for your hearing protection program. 

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