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Technology Behind The EVR-P

Medical Grade Acrylic

The same acrylic material used for manufacturing hearing aid ear molds; this medical grade acrylate is durable with a smooth finish. It slides easily into the ear for a comfortable custom fit. With its high elongation at break our hard ear plugs can withstand immense pressure before breaking.

Medical Grade Acrylic Ear Plug

All silicone used to make EVR-P Silicone Ear plugs are made from a medical grade silicone ideal for comfort and all-day wear. The properties of this vulcanizing silicone allow it to be highly flexible, elastic and tear resistant. With a cured hardness of 40 shore the EVR-P silicone Ear plugs are solid enough to retain shape for many years yet flexible enough to sit comfortably in the ear. This flexibility is ideal for those with more nontypical ear canals due to surgery or severe bends.

Custom Silicone Ear Plug for Noise

Medical Grade Silicone

Non-Linear Acoustic Filters

Finding the perfect fit for noise protection is more than just comfort of the ear plug in the ear, it is also providing a comfortable level of attenuation. Over attenuation leaves the user feeling detached from their environment as normal sounds are attenuated in addition to the noise level. This is often why noise protection is removed throughout the day. Evear Protect provides the option to add filters to silicone ear plugs to provide dynamic attenuation allowing desirable sounds like speech while blocking unwanted noises in the background. Use of filters in noise protection promotes all day wear which is ideal for a truly effective noise protection program. As depicted in the chart below, the acoustic filters used in our products provide similar attenuation at 4000 Hz, a frequency where most speech is heard.

Noise Attenuation Graph

Want to know more about how Evear Protect can provide custom solutions for your noise protection program? 

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