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Custom Fit Ear Plugs

A cost effective hearing protection solution.
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The use of disposable ear plugs as noise protection in the workplace is throwing money into the trash, literally!

An organization of as little as 15 people would dispose of approximately 4,000 pairs of ear plugs in a year. And that's assuming each employee only uses 1 pair of ear plugs a day. 

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Affordable Ear Plugs

Potential cost savings over time. Buying disposable ear plugs regularly will accumulate in cost. Whereas durable custom-made products can last four years or more. While the upfront cost of custom may be greater the overall investment will save money and time from regular ear plugs use. 

Potential Savings

in a small company of 20 people this pile of 100 pairs of ear plugs would only last a few days!

Wondering how much you could be spending on disposable ear plugs? Click on the savings calculator button to get an idea.

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