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What's the Process Like?

To get custom earplugs, you first need to have a trained professional take an impression of your ear canal. The process takes about five minutes:


  1. The professional looks in your ears with an otoscope to make sure that nothing will get in the way of taking a safe and complete ear impression.

  2. The professional places a piece of cotton or foam in your ear canal.

  3. The professional mixes the ear impression material, which usually comes in two parts, together and injects it into your ear canal with a manual syringe or an impression gun.

  4. You wait about five minutes for the impression to harden.

  5. The professional removes the impression and inspects it to make sure that it is a good quality impression.

  6. The professional looks in your ear to make sure that no material is left behind in your ear, and that there have been no problems from the procedure.

  7. You can now send your ear impression to the mold manufacturer.


Our custom earplugs are made of medical-grade silicone. This hypoallergenic material should not cause allergic reactions in most people. If you have a history of skin allergies, you may want to ask for clear earplugs without any dyes added. 


When you first wear custom earplugs, you may need to lubricate the outside to make them easier to insert.  After a few uses, the silicone surface becomes less “sticky” and slides into your ear easily.

Getting Your Impressions

Our custom ear plugs are made to fit your ear perfectly. We achieve this by making them based on a mold of of your ear, and that process is very simple! Either visit your local hearing aid clinic or audiologist or stop by the Evear Hearing Clinic to have your impressions taken. 

If you visit another clinic, have them send your impressions to: 

Evear Inc.

1107 Lorne Park Rd. Unit 18

Mississauga, ON


Never had impressions take before? Not to worry the process is straight forward and only preformed by trained professionals.

Click "Book appointment" to set up an appointment to get your ear impressions taken at our clinic.

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