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Best Ear Plugs for Swimming in 2020

What to Look for in Swim Plugs

Most importantly, you want to choose swim plugs that will keep water from getting into

your ears. Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard measure for the water protection

provided by ear plugs.

Therefore, you’ll need to rely on some intuition when evaluating ear plugs on the

market. Do the plugs seem to fit tightly in your ear? Open and close your mouth several

times, and chew, and see if the plugs start to come out of your ears.

Most ear plugs on the market advertise that they are made from hypoallergenic

material. Often, a medical-grade silicone is used. If you have a known allergy to latex or

another material, check the earplug packaging before purchase.

Anti-microbial coatings are offered by some earplug manufacturers. This could be an

important feature to prevent ear infections, especially if you plan to re-use your ear


If the ear plugs do fall out of your ears, it will be easier to find them if they don’t sink

below the water surface. Some ear plug materials are designed to float on the water


Some ear plugs come with a coated mesh screen that allow you to hear voices while

still keeping water out of your ears. If you participate in water sports and need to be able

to hear other participants or instructors, consider getting a mesh screen. These are

often marketed as “surfer plugs”.

Swimming Ear Plug Options

While you’re purchasing your ear plugs, consider adding on some extra options for

convenience and comfort. Most custom ear plug companies offer these add-ons for a

small fee.

Attached cord: A cord attached to both earplugs in a set can be gently worn

around the neck and prevent loss of the plugs.

Custom colors: You should choose colors that will not get lost easily in the

water; bright colors are preferred over clear earplugs. Many companies give you

the option to swirl several colors into custom ear plugs.

Removal handles: Knobs can be added to custom ear plugs to make them

easier to remove from your ears.

Initials: Consider having your name or initials added to your ear plugs, especially

if you swim with a group of people.

Left/Right Indicator: To make it easier to know which custom ear plug fits into

which ear, you can have letters or color-coded dots added to the ear plugs.

Some individuals choose to wear a headband or swim cap over their earplugs. These

headbands keep swim plugs from falling out of the ear and provide extra protection

against water intrusion.

Take Home Message

If your doctor has told you that you need to protect your ears from water, you’ll want to

choose ear plugs that you find comfortable and easy to use. You’ll also want to make

sure that these ear plugs will effectively keep water out of your ears. Custom swimming

ear plugs offer a secure fit and a range of options to choose from.

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