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How Much are You Spending on Hearing Protection?

Calculate how much you could save by switching to the EVR-P custom hearing protection.

Simply enter the average number of disposable ear plugs used in a day for one employee, and the average cost per ear plug. You can enter a cost to the nearest cent. Drag the slider to the approximate number of employees.

The average number of pairs of disposable ear plug used in a day, for one person is around 3-6.

Yearly use is based on the average number of working days per year in Canada; 261 days. 

Please note, the cost of EVR-P is an estimate based on average product cost and can vary depending on a variety of factors like impression fees, material and style of EVR-P. For a more detailed quote click on "Request Product and Pricing Info".

Interested in ordering for a company or small business? Contact us! we'd be happy to provide the perfect fit for your hearing protection program. 

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