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How Much are You Spending on Hearing Protection?

Calculate how much you could save by switching to the EVR-P custom hearing protection.

Simply enter the average number of disposable ear plugs used in a day for one employee, and the average cost per ear plug. You can enter a cost to the nearest cent. Drag the slider to the approximate number of employees.

The average number of pairs of disposable ear plug used in a day, for one person is around 3-6.

Yearly use is based on the average number of working days per year in Canada; 261 days. 

Please note, the cost of EVR-P is an estimate based on average product cost and can vary depending on a variety of factors like impression fees, material and style of EVR-P. For a more detailed quote click on "Request Product and Pricing Info".

Interested in ordering for a company or small business? Contact us! we'd be happy to provide the perfect fit for your hearing protection program. 



Canadian owned and operated, Evear Protect is a subsidiary of Evear Incorporated. As a company we strive to provide advanced technology for every ear. At Evear Protect we focus primarily on providing ear plugs. Interested in hearing devices? Check out Evear Hearing


Coming Soon! Industrial Noise plugs, hard acrylic shell options specific for noisy industrial environments.

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