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Swimming is one of the best all-around physical activities, it builds muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness without impact on your bones and joints. Unfortunately, swimming can often lead to ear infections which causes pain and discomfort. Evear Protect swim plugs are custom made to your ear to provide a perfect seal and prevent water from getting in.



Easy to Use

Just insert each ear plug into your ears  and start swimming! No squishing of foam required. 

Swim Ear Plugs
Ear Plugs for Swimming

All Day Comfort

Whether you want to lounge around or swim laps our medical grade silicone provides the upmost comfort. Wear them for a full day at the beach!

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Ear Plugs for Swimming



Medical Grade Silicone

Medical Grade Silicone

Hypoallergenic material to prevent skin irritation. Making the mold soft and comfortable to wear.

Custom Fit Ear Plugs

A Perfect Fit

Custom molded to your ear to provide a perfect seal. The custom fit keeps water out and your ears dry. 

Ear Plugs that Float


Made of a lighter silicone that allows it to float. No need to worry about loosing them at the bottom of the pool.

Easy as 1. 2. 3.

Custom in-ear products are simple! You can get one of our products in 3 simple steps:

  1. Order a product online

  2. Book an appointment for ear impressions online

  3. Pick up your order or have it mailed to you!

Want other kinds of ear plugs later? No worries! We keep your 3D scans on file and can make a new set of plugs whenever you decide to purchase another pair. 

Custom Earmold
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